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I am currently a studio potter living in Vancouver, WA.  Upon completing my B.A. in Studio Art with Honors from the University of North Carolina, I pursued the continuation of my art practice by taking a job at Jeffcoat Pottery, in Calabash, North Carolina.  I have been extremely lucky to move all over the country for my work.  I was an artist-in-residence and Ceramic Technical Specialist at San Diego State University for two and a half years.  More recently, during my graduate student career at the University of Florida, I have been awarded numerous travel grants to further my research including the Jerry Cutler Scholarship and the American Craft Circle Award.  My work has been on exhibit nationally as well as locally engaging the community of Gainesville, FL by hosting events such as The Food Experience and Kindred Confection.  Most Recently, I received my MFA in Ceramics from the University of Florida in May 2016.