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The Food Experience

The Food Experience (2014) is a happening between Bridgette Fairbank, Jodie Masterman, and myself. A one night event held at Warphaus Gallery in Gainesville, Florida. Eight randomly selected guests were invited to share a homemade four-course meal off of a collaborative tabletop dish service. The usual reserve and apprehension of eating in front of strangers wore off quickly. One invited guests owned the strangeness of the situation by making it a running joke.  Humor as an icebreaker tends to be a perfect fit.

This project explores the utility of pottery as means of breaking down social structures that divide us as a society. Food shapes not only our biology but also our social and cultural lives. Tastes in design and eating, as well as the form and expectations of a meal are established through social class boundaries, which then influence social interaction. I am interested in going beyond the confines of the art world that regularly analyzes visual communication to create an interaction with a varied community of unrelated people. Thus, facilitating the sharing of object and food within an experience.