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The Bright Angle

The Bright Angle | Design Residency

In January 2018 I spent the month working with Nick Moen and team at The Bright Angle for a 1-month Design Residency. The Bright Angle is a Handmade Design Brand owned and operated in the Refinery Building in Asheville, North Carolina. The Artist in Residence program was established to give an emerging ceramic designer an opportunity to expand and refine their practice in a production setting. During my residency, I delighted in surfacing their sleek slip cast designs and collaborated on a new nesting bowl set. It was an inspiring experience that taught me how craft and technology can combine to produce small-batch handmade goods through maker-designer collaboration.




What a dreamy residency! I was supplied with on-demand fresh forms daily to focus on my favorite part of the process: decorating!

A Conversation with Adrienne Eliades

We had a chance to sit down and have a conversation about being an artist, from inspiration and influence to how to make a creative career work.

Limited Edition - Adrienne Eliades Collection

These limited edition collaborations between The Bright Angle and I are available on their site. The exclusive collaborative collection combines their flawless forms with my keen eye for pattern.